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Rubbish in rivers

August 15th, 2015

This week on television was an article about a giant,barnacle encrusted whale in Sidney Harbour, Australia,approaching a boat with fishing men in, seeking help to remove plastic bags and fishing line from around its head.

It was quite remarkable to see this giants head almost nuzzling this  small fishing  boat  until the men realize what was being ask of them.Leaning over the sides of the boat, with the whales giant black eye watching the men, they made several attempts, before being able to remove this rubbish from around the whales head. The whale then swam away and and at the same time giving a display to show his thanks and joy.

But how did this rubbish get in the sea in the first place to cause such distress and death to marine life across the world?? One answer is the peanut brains that throw their plastic bags and fizzy drink bottles into the rivers. Flowing past  the Garden Centre is the river Halse and just above us is the parish woodlands where people picnic and for some of those picnickers the river is the easiest way of disposing of there rubbish.

Whats this got to do with a distress whale on the other side of the world ? Well,the Halse Water flows into the river Tone,which in turn flows into the River Parrett,which discharges into the Bristol Chanel from there into the Atlantic and whose to say where the plastic bags  then end up.Come to that the whale could have just as easily have tried to swallow it thinking it was a jelly fish ,in the middle of the Atlantic.

What the peanut brains of this world don`t realize (or care) is the the whole natural world ,including us,is interconnected, and are actions can have unknown consequences. Perhaps some people are like peanuts and oblivious to any reasoning  which is why they don`t ever see the light and stay stuck inside their shells.


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