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harlequin lady bird

November 24th, 2014

Snuggle up lads its cold tonight

Snuggle up lads its cold tonight

In the last few years, this foreign species of lady bird has been invading Britain ( and the rest of the world) at an alarming rate. The numbers and spread of this alien species mean that it is here to stay and the effects on our  native population of lady birds is serious. Being more aggressive and larger it is  outcompeting our own lady birds for resources and even kills and eats the larva stage of our native species.

This time of year they can be found over wintering in colonies. The picture shows one such colony over wintering in my garage but we have also had them all around the window frames.

As can be seen, the reason they are called Harlequin  Lady birds is the quite extraordinary range of colours they have between them. I believe they can bite and when squashed can cause staining as well as making a pong. There only redeeming feature as I can see, is that they will munch their way through an awful  lot of  greenfly.

What a colour range

What a colour range

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