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Giant Hogweed Warning

July 10th, 2015

Impressive but deadly

Impressive but deadly

In the Mail paper today is an article about four children who came into contact with the sap in  stems of  the Giant Hogweed. It seems by the photos that the children had there tops of because of the hot weather ,because the skin on their  backs and arms were covered in the largest, most painful blisters that could be imagined. The children had to have hospital treatment with one having to stay the night.

In fact the blisters are worst than the  ones we would associate with burning ,because the sap from the Giant Hogweed changes the skins ability to deal with the UV rays from the sun and can still blister up to seven years after the original contact with the Hogweed, when exposed to the sun.

Please do not think this is a rare plant as it is more common than may be presumed. The attached photos of Candy and Jasper standing in front of a stand of Giant Hogweed, showing how big it gets, was taken this week, on the edge of a farmers field alongside the river Tone a few hundred yards from Averys Garden Centre.

Every, one especially children should know and be able to recognize  this plant and understand , the long lasting harm it can do.

Is it a triffid

Is it a triffid


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