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Flooding on the Somerset Levels

January 31st, 2014

Running alongside Avery`s Garden Centre is a river called Halse Water which meets up within a few hundred yards, the River Tone which  then flows through Taunton and on to the Somerset Levels where it converges with the tidal River Parrot. If the volume of water is too great to be contained by the rivers bank, it overflows on to the Somerset Levels ,creating the inland sea, as can be seen on our television screens.

On the levels is a pub called the King Alfred, celebrating in its name, that King Alfred the Great hid here in the Somerset marshes before sallying forth with a army to defeat the Danes ,thus saving  the kingdom of Wessex from becoming part of the Danish empire.

Flood water running pass Avery`s Garden Centre

Flood water running pass Avery`s Garden Centre

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