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Dealing with rubbish

April 1st, 2014


Sam ,struggling with poly sheets, filled with smelly water.

Sam ,struggling with poly sheets, filled with smelly water.

One of the problems all business have is how to deal with the accumulative amount of rubbish ,which is produced through out the year. At Avery’s Garden Centre we try to recycle and reuse as much as we can. All organic waste is composted down ,with the help of  two large compost bays. They are  used, in rotation. In one year one is being filled with  organic matter while  the other one  which was filled the previous year, is being turn into compost which will be removed and use in the winter months, ready to start the cycle over again.

Cardboard boxes are used at the sales desk for the use of customers and all metal ,is accumulated and sold as scrap. Our real problem is plastics, of which we don`t produce  enough of, for the companies who collect plastic to recycle, to be interested in. This leaves us no option but to once a year hire  a large skip and pay to have it taken away.

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