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Young Swallows in their nest

August 19th, 2013

For the past three years ,Swallows, have flown,from Africa in the spring ,to visit us at Avery`s Plant Centre in Taunton .They return to the same nest in the garage,every year and then commence to  raise two broods of five nestlings throughout the summer.

Today the second brood have been outside trying out their flying skills.Unfortunately ,the screeching sounds made by the birds have attracted the attentions of the Sparrow Hawk who is trying to catch the young inexperienced Swallows,for his lunch.He himself is being hounded by the adults as they dive bomb him,trying to distract him from his murderous intent.

Trying to have a nap

Trying to have a nap

I always feel a sense of sadness ,when in a months time the Swallows leave us again ,for warmer climes,not to been seen again until April ,when the reverse is true and that sense of pleasure in seeing the first swallow of the year.

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