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Indian bean tree

July 28th, 2013

catalpha 007 catalpha 010Growing in the middle of Avery`s Plant Centre is an Indian Bean Tree (Catalpha bigononioides).It likes to grow in a sunny well drained position and having come through many, very cold winters ,would appear to be very hardy.

Introduced from America in 1726 (before the revolution) it was awarded the Award of Garden Merit in 1983.

These are excellent plants for constructing a tropical garden,as if they are cut right down they can make 10ft of growth in one year with massive jungle type leaves.

From the pics you can see the one at Avery`s Plant Centre,with Candy Avery admiring the flowers

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  1. I have 3 beans trees in my yard and something is eating the leaves. I can’t see the type of bug, worm or whatever other insect it may be. Could you tell me what I can spray to kill the insect.
    Thank You.

    Comment by Barbara Elmore, — August 7, 2016 @3:54 pm

  2. Hi Barbara
    I`ve just noticed that I have not answered your query ( my apologies) and with autumn here and the leaves falling the critters attacking your trees will also be disappearing.
    Indian Bean trees tend to be very trouble free as regards to pest and hopefully the problem should correct itself by next spring. These days due to restrictions there is very little that could be used in the way of a spray.As you can not see the culprit I wonder if it was leaf cutter bees taking bites out of the leaves to make nest.

    Comment by Alan Avery, — October 6, 2016 @3:20 pm

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