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August 19th, 2014

This  picture is of the second brood of swallows crammed in their nest ,which is in our garage. Most of the day they are away with mum and dad ,swooping and diving for insects like fighter pilots  in a dog fight. At the moment they come back to roost in the garage every night ,but as   the summer progresses to autumn they will visit their nesting area in the garage less frequently, until that one sad evening when  there’s not  there. They have  all gone on their way to South Africa, not to be seen by us again, until that glorious day in April when they can be heard ,whistling shrilly with delight to be back at the their nesting site. As  we look up and watch the airborne acrobats’ we should  marvel how such a small bird can navigate so many thousands of miles in six months and finish their journey from where they departed in October.

Move over I haven`t got much room

Move over I haven`t got much room

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