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Plastic Bags

October 19th, 2015

At Avery`s  Garden Centre, we now ask customers  whom want a plastic bag to put 5p into the charity tin of their choice  for each bag. Customers seem quite happy with this arrangement and are pleased the money go’s to charity.

Today I had to put on my waders to fish out of the river running pass the Garden Centre, plastic bags and a milk cartoon ,thrown into the river last weekend .One of them (from Morrises ) was wrapped around a small rock in mid stream. The same rock on which previously, last week, a Little Dipper  had been using as its perch to sing his warbling song ,(not unlike the sound of water).

A little Dipper is about the size of a blackbird with a white breast and walks under water in steamy runs looking for food. For us it is an unusual visitor and the fact that the peanut brains have been at work chucking their plastic bags  in the water which ends up on this one rock in the water ,preventing the Little Dipper to  carry on staking his claim   to the area around the rock, just emphasises how plastic bags can degrade the environment.004

A menace to the environment

A menace to the environment


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