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Giant Hogweed

October 6th, 2014

Avery’s Garden Centre is situated near the river Tone, in which on the banks grows a very magnificent looking, but deadly weed called the Giant Hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium ) In a appearance it resembles a Giant Parsley but the Giant Hogweed has a nasty and painful surprise for anyone that should brush a bare arm against the stem or perish the thought ,small boys who use its stems as pea shooters.

The stem is covered in hairs which along with the sap can cause sever blistering of the skin especially if subjected to sunlight (photo toxicity) Even worst   (if that’s possible) the composition of our own skin cells can be changed so that for years after the initial contact with the Hogweed, the skin can blister all over again.

This is a great shame because it  is a wonderful looking plant, growing up to 8 Foot in height with huge flower heads, beloved of bees, a plant which makes a real statement but could in the right conditions cause years of pain.

Candy dwarf by giant Hogweed

Candy dwarf by giant Hogweed


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