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Cleaning out nestboxes

February 5th, 2015

This time of year nest boxes should be opened up and  cleaned out.Remove all of last years nesting materials,before the start of the new season, leaving the box clean for when the birds  bring in fresh material to start the nesting season all over  again. This helps remove over wintering mites,etc who are just waiting for the birds to return so they can start hitching a ride on them and then  feed off of them and the young nestlings. Are you beginning  to feel itchy????

The picture shows a clutch of Great Tits eggs  found in one of our Nest Boxes,abandoned from last year.Could be that one of the parents got predated by the Sparrow Hawk that is always ready to try his luck around here. If you look closely you can see a mite on the middle egg.

A promise never fulfilled

A promise never fulfilled

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