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Bird food

Choice of food

At Averys we sell a huge range of different bird foods, to tempt even the most picky of eaters. Different birds like different foods and the greater selection you put out, the more birds you will attract. Blue tits, Great Tits, Siskins and Nuthatches like peanuts, while Robins and Wrens love meal worms. Mixed seeds are perfect for House Sparrows, Blue Tits and Chaffinches, and nyjer seeds are ideal for Goldfinches.

If you have any old fruit left over then you can put this on the lawn for ground feeders such as Blackbirds.

Where to put your bird food

Birds will only come to feeders if they feel safe, so install them where they have clear visibility of the garden and can easily fly to cover if they become alarmed.

If possible, place feeders no more than 2m from trees, shrubs or hedges.