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A seed from paradise?

September 3rd, 2015

The other day whilst doing a bit of beach combing,alongside the seven estuary,I found this coconut on the shoreline.It looked very battered and as if it had traveled a long way which got me to thinking about from where it started it`s journey.

A palm tree on a tropical island, overhanging  coral white sands. The coconut falls off and rolls into the surf and is then carried into a blue lagoon and from there across the seas to end up being deposit on a Somerset beach.

Perhaps it was even thrown in by a young native girl in a grass skirt  with long black hair and a lovely pair of …eyes hoping that a young hansom man would find it.  At that point the bubble has burst,as that bit certainly did`t work out.

I`ll will put the nut into a pot to see if it will germinate,but do not give much for it`s chances,but you never know.


One giant seed

One giant seed

Can I have my coconut back,please

Can I have my coconut back,please

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