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Bacteria Canker on ornamental cherry

October 7th, 2016

Young Dinosaurs spotted at Averys Garden Centre

Young Dinosaurs spotted at Averys Garden Centre

In the Garden Centre we have an Ornamental cherry (Prunus Kanzan) from which from the bark is Oozing masses of gummy sap, which then runs down the trunk and consolidates into  a brown, glutinous blob. Normally

Amber in the making

Amber in the making

when this happens there has been an injury to the trunk, but in this cases I can find no injury so I am assuming it must be a Bacterial Canker infection.

The tree looks well, but I am afraid that this will I think kill what is really a tree in its prime .Normally it would be an older weaker tree which would succumb to this disease. There is no real cure other than to cut out the disease wood and treat with a fungal infection paint but I feel this is only a stop gap.

In the Jurassic Park films the dinosaurs were cloned from DNA harvested from mosquitos trapped in Amber 60.000 years ago whose last meal was the blood of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Who’s to say the gummy sap on our Cherry won`t turn into Amber after trapping a mosquito and wash up on a beach 60.000 years from now. If they extract the DNA from the mosquito I reckon they could reconstruct `Jasper the English Bull Terrier `who  runs around here attracting the mozzies.

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