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It has to be a real tree!

Alan and Candy Avery share their love for real, living, locally grown Christmas trees.

A real live Christmas tree, festooned with its baubles, lights, tinsel and chocolate goodies, watched over by the fairy and if it is a traditional Christmas tree, that wonderful pine scent so evocative of Christmas.

A plastic, imported, artificial tree just can not compete with that!

At Avery’s Garden Centre we have had the same family’s coming back to us for years to buy a tree.

In fact we have been doing it for so long, the kids now have their own kids, who they bring along to choose a Christmas tree.

The excitement they get in choosing their own tree and seeing it being put through the netter is infectious.

From supplying Churches, where the tree is so large it’s a job to get through the door, to supplying three foot trees in pots, for Christmas tree decorating competitions, (did you know they had competitions for this?) we can provide all sizes.

Some people prefer the Nordman Christmas tree, which although it does not have the Christmas tree scent is ‘Needle drop resistant’ and has a heavier, bluer looking foliage.

Most of our Traditional Spruce trees come from the top of the Ouantocks. They can be delivered to us within 24 hours of being cut. We also grow many Spruces ourselves in our plantation where we also dig up some with their roots and put them into red pots ready to go straight into the house, as well as growing smaller trees in pots.

Buying a real Christmas tree also helps the wildlife as everyone cut is replanted with another, providing habitats for all manner of birds and animals.

Hopefully we will see you before Christmas but if not we at Averys Garden Centre wish you all a Happy Christmas.

Alan and Candy Avery