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How to plant a shrub

Alan Avery shares 10 easy to follow ways to give your new shrub the best start in life…

  1. Two or three hours before planting water the pot thoroughly and allow to drain fully.
  2. If you are planting your new shrub in a lawn then take up a circle of turf.
  3. Now dig over the soil and remove any weeds.
  4. Dig a hole at least twice as large as the rootball of the shrub.
  5. Now mix potting compost in with the soil you have dug out so the soil that goes back around the plant is soft and easy for your plant to root into.
  6. Add a tablespoon of Osmacote fertiliser to the bottom of the hole.
  7. Now place the shrub in the hole, on the top of the Osmacote, pull the soil compost mix around it.
  8. Make sure the soil at the top of the rootball is ¼ inch below the surface of the soil, and firm the soil around the roots.
  9. Make sure you label the plant.
  10. Water the plant well to help settle the soil/compost mix around the roots.