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Pruning Indian Bean tree (Catalpa bigonoidies)

August 10th, 2015

At Averys we have a magnificent Indian Bean tree which is covered in masses of flowers. Unfortunately due to the weight of the leaves and flowers,  a large branch snapped high up in the canopy of the tree, and was left hanging ,ready to come crashing down at any time.

Climbing up to it, we removed this large limb with difficulty as the wood of the  Catalpa tend to be fairly brittle especially this time of year .

Catalpa bigonoidies is a wonderful looking tree when its covered in blossom. A real show stopper.It was introduced into this country from America as far back as 1726. In the days when America was British and before they revolted because we put an extra couple of pence on a packet of tea.

Jasper supervising the work

Jasper supervising the work

Stunning flowers

Stunning flowers

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