one of Somerset's leading boutique Plant Centres

avery Plant Centre Gardening EssentialsPerhaps the most important “Gardening Essential” that we can offer is advice.

Advice based on a combined 50 years of gardening experience, (but enough of that, it is making us feel old, and we don’t need any help in that area!)

We sell a complete range of compost in our undercover area, so the bags are dry (helping to keep you car clean).

We can also offer help and advice in choosing the perfect compost for the plants you are growing.

We  also sell pots in all possible shapes and sizes, to show you plants off to their best advantage.

(We can also deliver everything we sell (apart from Calor Gas), to houses and business throughout Somerset.

Sometime we all need a little pick me up, and our plants are no different, so we stock a range of plant foods, weedkillers along with pest & disease control products. Again we are happy to give help and advice so you choose the right product. Many of the products we sell are the ones we use on our own nursery, so we know they work!

If you would like to know more about the gardening sundries we sell, give us a ring now on 01823 288 324.