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The Deadly Thorn Apple

August 7th, 2014

Why has he put under a poisons plant

Why has he put me under a poisonous plant

It looks dangerous

It looks dangerous

Growing alongside the bird feeders I found this very healthy specimen of a Thorn Apple (Datura Stramonium) a native of North America but now widely naturalised across Europe. If  I had children using the garden where this plant is , then I would most definitely  pull it  up  and destroy it. The Thorn apple plant has powerful hallucinogenic properties but if taken in excess it is also a killer. The active hallucinogenic substances also  varies widely from plant to plant. As can be seen, the plant with Jasper sitting under it, is about 4ft in height, long white tuber type flowers with large indented leaves. The seed pod is a bit like a horse chestnut before it opens, which is covered in prickles. When the first English colonist established a base in America, Jamestown in Virginia ( this is why its sometimes called the Jamestown weed) some of them made infusions of this plant to drink with the unfortunate result that  they would cast themselves into the latrines , rolling around in their own filth until dragged out. Now I don`t know about you, but that sort of experience I could do without. I think I would rather settle down with a nice cup of tea than an infusion of Thorn Apple.

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