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Sunflower Heads

September 26th, 2014

After a wonderful show this year, most sunflower heads have now set seed and beginning to dry out, making it an ideal  time of year to cut them  down , leaving about 6inches of stalk and them putting them into a dry place, such as a greenhouse or a  garden shed to  store .

The seed could be removed and stored in a  tin for sowing next year or or hung up  by the bird feeders for the birds to feast on. There is lot of wild food around for the birds at this present time so it may be a good idea to store the heads until the end of October when they start hunting for other food sources and a nice sunflower head will have them flocking in.

They are best placed to store them is  on a slatted bench or better still hung up by there stalk, so as  to allow the air to keep them dry and also away from the attention of the mice and rats.

Jasper judging height of sunflower

Jasper judging height of sunflower

Free bird food

Free bird food

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