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Seed damage by rats or mice

May 9th, 2014

Where there is a food source, in this case, newly sown runner bean seeds, rats and mice can in one night decimate them as they hunt out and then dig them up. The photo shows the germinating beans, at our nursery, which have been  dug up Those not eaten, have been  collected together in a heap ready for carrying to their nest another night.

Not only did they have the bean seeds but the young emerging sunflowers and cucumbers. Due to the lack of space at this busy time of year, the  seed trays were on the ground where the mice were easily able to get at them.

Even in the open ground, a row of peas seeds can be targeted and unknowingly by the gardener can be carted off of by mice, leaving the gardener to wonder, why his peas haven’t germinated.

Control is difficult if like me you are reluctant to use poison. Getting the seed trays onto benches makes it more difficult for the mice. There are traps that can be used of many different sorts with varying degrees of success.   And a old remedy for peas to prevent mice predation, was to soak them in paraffin .


We like feeding the birds but not the mice!

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