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Recovering Polytunnel

March 8th, 2014

One of the legacy’s of the winter storms was one of our poly tunnels lost it cover and had to be replaced. As we will be using the tunnel for bedding plant production we recovered it in a clear polythene film. It took two of us a day to cover.

Anyone covering a polytunnel,I would suggest only do it on a warm dry day and get it as tight as is possible even redoing some parts to get the slackness out ,otherwise as the warmer weather  arrives, the polythene will get to

Sam covering tunnel

Sam covering tunnel

repairing tunnels 002

o slack and not last as long .Always use anti-hotspot tape on top of the metal hoops. It add at lest two years to the life of the polythene sheet as it stops the metal getting to hot and degrading the polythene.

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