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Poison Leaves

October 4th, 2015

The source of Jasper`s problems

The source of Jasper`s problems

Unfortunately are resident gardening expert, Jasper the English Bull terrier has been really ill, but seems  now  to making  a full recovery. The problem would seem to have stemmed from the fact that while he was in his daytime bed under the potting bench ,he  ate the leaves which fell on the  floor, from  the Accuba japonica shrub cuttings, after being  left on his own . Taking the cuttings, entails stripping the lower leaves of the cutting before inserting into compost.

Within a few hours he was violently sick, which went on for 24 hours and which required and injection from the his nice to bring him relief from the stomach cramps.

It would appear that the widely planted Accuba japonica, like a lot of shrubs, is toxic in it`s leaves and it`s red berry’s ,if ingested, but from what I have been reading not a fatal poison ?  I am now more a ware  of   the dangers  of eating the leaves of this shrub but is Jasper ?, I think not. It`s up to me to make sure he`s not around when taking Accuba cuttings as perhaps we should all be.Forewarned is forearmed.

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