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Mistletoe excitement

January 19th, 2015

I was excited yesterday (It doesn’t take much )  to discover that the mistletoe (Viscum album) berries that I had stuck onto the branches of my Bramley   apple tree three years ago had actual germinated and were now beginning  to grow into small mistletoe plants.

The best time to stick the berries onto a branch is in February/March time as the berries are at their most fertile and receptive to germinate and grow into the branch. If you still have any mistletoe left over from Christmas thrown out into  the garden, the berries will still be viable to be sown onto a branch in February

Why would you get excited over this

Why would you get excited over this


Mistletoe is a diocieous plant, as well as being parasitic on it`s host plant. This means that the plants are either male or female so need both within an area to get the white, sticky seeds.

If you are unable to obtain any Mistletoe berries for sowing you can Google the, The English Mistletoe Shop, where they sell Mistletoe grow kits with instructions.


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