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Can gardeners help save the planet?

July 25th, 2014

Headlines on the front page of  todays Daily Mail “Don`t mess with the Red Arrows” It`s a story about what colour smoke they should be using, in their display at the Commonwealth games. Is it that important to be the headlines? when inside the paper there is a couple of paragraphs ,which state that the insect population of the world in these past 35 years has fallen by 45% and in the UK, it has fallen by 60%. Now that should be the headlines. The story reads. `Experts fear this will harm the planet, as creepy crawlies play an important part in pollinating crops, pest control, decomposition, and ensuring that the soil remains packed with nutrients, as well as water filtration. Scientist fear a drop in the insect population could also spark a decline in birds which prey on pest which damage our crops and amphibians, which keep water supplies free of algae. Dr Ben Collen,of the University Collage London, said “we are in the potentially dangerous position of losing integral parts of  ecosystems without knowing what roles they play in it”. AS gardeners we can help redress this  balance in our own gardens by gardening sympathetically with nature. Planting plants, (as per my previous blogs) which encourage insects to visit the garden, feeding the birds, keep the soil in good heart. There is no end to what can be done to make a garden productive yet an ecological sanctuary .

Colour attracts

Colour attracts

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