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Fruit Trees

At Averys Garden Centre we believe that there is room in almost every garden for a fruit tree, which in the late summer will be laden with apples, pears, plums or cherries.

This year we have increased our range of fruit trees, so you can select from an even larger list of varieties.

Fruit tree breeding means that we can now choose to grow trees in our garden from incredibly compact trees that can even be grown in pots, through to larger trees to picnic under!

We sell a huge range of varieties of

  • Apple

    • Ashmead’s Kernel
    • Bramley
    • Christmas Pippin
    • Cobra
    • Core Blimey
    • Cox’s Orange Pippin
    • Discovery
    • Egremont Russet
    • James Grieve
    • Katy
    • Kidds Orange Red
    • Pixie
    • Red Lane
    • Red Waltz
    • Rosette
    • Scrumptious
    • Summer Red
    • Sunset
    • Worcester Pearmain
  • Pear

    • Conference
    • Concord
    • Williams
    • Beth
    • Doyenne Du Comice
  • Plum

    • Damson
    • Opal
    • Oullins Garden Gage
    • Victoria
    • Greengage
  • Cherry

    • Morello
    • Stella
    • Sunburst
    • Celeste
  •  Peach

    • Terrace Amber
    • Peregrine
  • Nectarine

    • Lord Napier
  • Apricot

    • Goldcot
  • Blueberry

    • Darrow

We can also advise on every aspect of growing fruit and help you to make sure you get an excellent crop.

Please that while all of these fruit trees are in stock right now, we do sell out of popular varieties, and so we advise calling us first if you are travelling to buy a specific variety.