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Durstons Compost

Averys Garden Centre - Durstons multi purpose cmpostWe use the compost that we sell in our own nursery here at Averys Garden Centre.

So the compost that we sell has to meet our exacting standards, and to be honest some of the composts on the market today are just not good enough for us to be able to sell.

We are proud to stock Durstons Composts, they are produced in Somerset, and having trialled them in our nursery we are really pleased with the results.

We stock the complete range of Durstons Composts.

Multi-Purpose This compost is ideal for most plants and contains plant nutrients and a wetting agent to help with watering.

Multi-Purpose Compost with John Innes  The “John Innes” really does make a difference to the amount of water this compost can hold and how easy it is to re wet.

Tub and Basket Compost “The best we have come across” Alan and Candy particularly recommend this compost for summer bedding plants being grown in pots, tubs and baskets. It is packed with nutrients for strong growth and has a wetting agent to help with watering.

Ericaceous Compost This compost has been produced to meet the needs of plants that require an acid compost, such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias and Heathers.

Seed and Cuttings Compost This is a very fine compost (ideal for filling small pots and module trays), with just enough nutrients to meet the needs of germinating seedlings from germination to pricking out.

If you are not sure which is the right compost for your plants (and it can be confusing) then just ask Alan or Candy for advice.