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Pacay (Ice Cream Bean) “Ingo tequillei”

October 10th, 2016

Grows in South America alongside rivers or where high rainfall.  The trees  grow rapidly. They can be used to shade coffee plantations where workers can make extra money by selling the pods (I paid £4.00 for mind, how much did the worker get ???) This pod is approx 16 inches long. The seeds can eaten […]

Jasper takes gold

August 22nd, 2016

Our resident gardening expert ,Jasper ,our English Bull terrier has scooped another gold for Britain by winning outright in the best old dog class (He’s now 10 ) at Buckham Fair in Dorset, where Candy Avery on his behalf received the champions rosette from the judge Martin Clunes ,who said that English Bull Terriers are favourite.

Jasper incapacity

June 10th, 2016

Jasper has asked me to apologies on his behalf for not posting his gardening photos but as can be seen hes not looking at his best because his so called mate,has made him wear this lampshade around his neck after having a toe removed and its not good for his image.

Knightshays Gardens

May 9th, 2016

Scattered around the National trust gardens at Knightshays are willow sculptures .This chap is just waiting for the unwary to get to close before he strikes.  

RHS Gardens at Rosemoor

March 23rd, 2016

Visited the RHS gardens at Rosemoor,Devon today. As can be seen from the photos the early spring bulbs were a spectacular sight. A recommended visit to all those that garden or just like beautiful places.  

Happy New Year

January 4th, 2016

Taking advantage of the brief spells of sunshine between the down pours on New Years day was this cock pheasant,in all his finery perching above the bird feeders. Looking quite pleased with himself and taking little notice of me,as he kept giving out his pheasant call, wishing all his mates and lady friends a Happy New Year as […]

Jasper and his Giant Pumpkin

October 15th, 2015

Here is Jasper, at Avery`s  with the Giant Pumpkin, variety` Atlantic Giant` he helped to grow ( He added some fertilizer to  the compost heap on which the pumpkin was grown).Alongside him is also the seed head of one of the Giant Sunflowers were grew and which are now used to feed  the tits, at the bird […]

Giant Sunflower

September 10th, 2015

Some plants are so easy and great to grow and one of the top contenders for the most impressive plant to grow has got to be the Giant sunflower. Planted outside in a warm sunny spot  in May, and kept watered  through the summer they can easily reach 12ft in height.  In the autumn after the […]

A seed from paradise?

September 3rd, 2015

The other day whilst doing a bit of beach combing,alongside the seven estuary,I found this coconut on the shoreline.It looked very battered and as if it had traveled a long way which got me to thinking about from where it started it`s journey. A palm tree on a tropical island, overhanging  coral white sands. The […]

Home grown at Averys Garden Centre

August 7th, 2015

It`s hard to believe that these lemons being held by Candy were grown by us in a polytunnel . As you can see, by her smile,  Candy is  very proud of her lemons. Who said gardening is boring.