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Hellebores and Camellias

March 8th, 2016

Plant colour  combinations often happen by chance. Here we have Jasper showing off a pink display of Hellebores and Camellias ,flowering at the same time. Hellebores make stunning displays in the winter especially with snowdrops and the Camellias  coming into flower herald the fact that spring is about to spring .


February 8th, 2015

Hellebores are unbeatable at this this time of year for their colour range and flamboyance. The early flowering Christmas rose (hellebores nigra  ) is pure white and can as it would suggest flower at Christmas time. The more colourful Lenten rose hybrids have a tremendous colour range from white to nearly black and nearly ever colour in between […]

Verbena bonariensis

July 18th, 2014

This is a wonderful plant to attract the butterflies to the garden, even rivalling the Buddleia in this respect. It is a  an herbaceous plant which grows well in a sunny dry position, and readily self seeds itself, giving an even bigger display next summer. The pic`s of these three different butterflies were taken on […]


February 18th, 2014

Look at the flowers on this winter flowering hellebore (Christmas rose) Who would believe that in the middle  of winter we could have growing in our gardens a plant which flowers ever winter and is such a show off, with flowers  ranging from pure white, through  to  green and all shades of pink in-between. Grown  in a shady area […]


August 6th, 2013

In the photo is Alan,standing alongside , a self seeded  common Mullein ,Verbascum thapsus,growing in Avery Plant Centre.These plants love to grow in a well drained soil in full sun.They can eventually grow in one summer to a height of two metres with as can be seen a magnificent flower spike covered in bright yellow flowers. […]

We are just loving this stunning Savia…

July 4th, 2013

At Avery’s Plant Centre, deep in the heart of rural Somerset we are loving this hardy herbaceous Salvia… Salvia “May Night” looks stunning with its deep indigo flowers.   (Please note we are a boutique Plant Centre in rural Somerset. We do not keep a range of plants in stock all year round. Instead we […]