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Big – Bushy and so Beautiful

March 24th, 2017

No not Alan! But our hedging plants! Jasper, our nursery hound explains that hedges are the ultimate garden boundary – they don’t blow down in the wind, absorb noise and are a fabulous home to a whole host of wildlife. And the good news is – this is the perfect time to plant a hedge, […]

Sunflowers & wildflowers

August 28th, 2016

This year we planted the sunflowers` var Giant Yellow which always with us reaches heights of 10 feet plus but this year we have directly under sown them with several different colour collections of seed mixtures and as can be seen Jasper is very pleased with the results . He recommends that the best time to sow […]

Goldenrain-tree (Koelreutria paniculata )

July 26th, 2016

Growing  Averys G.C is a nice specimen of the Goldenrain -tree (Koelreutria paniculata) covered in panicles of small yellow flowers which are being worked over by the bees. The seed pods in the autumn are like papery bladders ,which cover the tree. The leaves turn yellow in the autumn. Introduced from China in 1763 . […]

Jasper recommends Mahonia`s for the winter

November 13th, 2015

  Through the dark days of winter, one shrub which stands out with it`s bright yellow flowers to enliven the gloom are the Mahonia`s. The different specious of Mahonia will flower from the autumn months through to early spring. They have evergreen spiky leaves (Helps repeal intruders) and long yellow racemes(spikes) of very often fragrant […]


August 4th, 2014

What could be better on a sunny morning than the flowers of giant sunflowers against a blue ,cloudless sky. Considering that they were only planted in May, the growth they make is really impressive. It is the ideal plant for children to plant , water, and to measure  themselves against as it grows. The secret is to […]

Pumpkin flowers

July 31st, 2014

The flowers of marrow, pumpkins and courgettes are very striking  as they push through the foliage but they only last about a day before they collapse and fade away to be replaced by others. Male and female flowers are born separately on the same plant, hopefully to be pollinated by bees and other insects. The female flowers […]

Can gardeners help save the planet?

July 25th, 2014

Headlines on the front page of  todays Daily Mail “Don`t mess with the Red Arrows” It`s a story about what colour smoke they should be using, in their display at the Commonwealth games. Is it that important to be the headlines? when inside the paper there is a couple of paragraphs ,which state that the insect […]

Do you want to encourage more bees into your garden?

July 19th, 2014

Have you seen the new Bees Needs website, which is being hosted by the Wildlife Trusts for DEFRA. It contains some very useful information including a straight forward and practical five things we can do to help as gardeners, all of which I am pleased to say we are doing at Averys Garden Centre Click […]

Verbena bonariensis

July 18th, 2014

This is a wonderful plant to attract the butterflies to the garden, even rivalling the Buddleia in this respect. It is a  an herbaceous plant which grows well in a sunny dry position, and readily self seeds itself, giving an even bigger display next summer. The pic`s of these three different butterflies were taken on […]

Buddleia Pink Delight

July 11th, 2014

If there’s one plant that can take the accolade for having outstanding flowers and yet can grow and thrive in really dry sunny positions, such as banks, it`s got to be the Buddleia. One of the best varieties of Buddleia is one called ‘Pink Delight’ with its large inflorescence, made up of hundreds of flowers. Buddleia are […]