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Wisteria “Amethyst “

May 15th, 2015

This smells nice

This smells nice

In Averys Garden Centre we have growing a really nice specimen of Wisteria Amethyst, with  long, light blue  racemes (flowers) ,which fill the air with scent. Walking under the arch, which supports the weight of this Wisteria is a real assault on the senesces, as the air is filled with scent as your walk through a tunnel made up of thousands of flowers.

And guess what it is relatively easy to achieve this   effect in most gardens as wisteria are easy to grow when planted  in a sunny position.They flower really well if the long extension growth is spurred back to two or three buds in the late summer. That’s

Just heavenly

Just heavenly

Wisteria 004

all the attention  ours get , nothing else. Mother Nature does the rest.


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