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July 7th, 2014

Tomato plants should be growing strongly at this time of year and need to be fed at lest once a week with a tomato fertilizer which encourages new fruit and to ripen off the existing fruit .

A fertilizer high in Nitrogen, which encourages green growth should not be used. Instead  use one high in Potash  such as Tomorite, or if you are an organic gardener Maxicrop seaweed feeds which are also high in Potash can be used.

Tomatoes can be liquid fed once a week with these feeds, but some people prefer to use a weaker feed every time they water for maximum crops.

As important as feeding is the watering .

Tomato`s  hate drying out and should be watered every day whilst at the same time wet the foliage to keep the humidity up.

Summers here when the toms are ripe

Summers here when the toms are ripe


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