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Stone Ornnaments

March 24th, 2016

Just arrived into day is our new range of stone Garden Ornaments. It is a very interesting range ,from birdbaths to Laurel and Hardy models. The item that caught my eye though was I am afraid the flatten hedgehog with the tire marks running across him.

Years ago it was an all to common site when I was younger (Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To see his flat mate) But I haven’t seen one for years and now a days its badgers that we see  dead along the roads. Apparently the hedgehog population has crashed from at lest 30 million to 1 million and falling in the last 20 + years  .And yet the badger population has rocket .There must be a correlation between the two as they both share the same spaces.

I nearly got knock down last year by a big old badger  that Jasper was chasing at night in the Garden Centre grounds. It bumped into me on the path at full tilt ,before Jasper bit him on the bum which result in the badger whipping round and giving Jasper a nasty bit on the nose before running of .

Someone with an unusual sense of humour will buy it

Someone with an unusual sense of humour will buy it

Something for ever taste

Something for ever taste


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