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Soil testing

March 17th, 2014

Tenax Soil pH Tester

Tenax Soil pH Tester

soil test 003In the last blog I suggested, that plants such as camellias need to be planted in acid soil or ericaceous compost ( e.g. Durstons Ericaceous Compost). Yellowing leaves can be symptomatic of the soil being too alkaline  This also  applies to a wide range of other plants, which are ericaceous (like acid soil). Plants such as Azalea`s, Rhododendron’s and Heathers.

To find out if your soil is acid or alkaline test a sample of the soil with a good soil testing kit e.g. Tenax Soil pH Tester. When taking a soil sample to be tested make sure that random samples of soil are taken from across the plot, then  shaken up in a poly bag from which a small sample is taken to be tested ,with the soil testing kit. If this is not done ,you may not get a true reading from the plot but only of one spot.

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