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Soft fruit

November 4th, 2014

Those warm sunny days sitting  in the garden are I am afraid, for this year, just a memory. That thrill of picking the first raspberries or blackcurrants which this year was so  prolific and abundant . Gooseberries that  melt in the mouth or which are made into tarts and served with cream. As well as Redcurrants and Blackberries all yours for just a walk down the garden path, with a basin to harvest the summer bounty. (These are called soft fruit)

Get them before Ribena

Get them before Ribena

soft fruit 008Raspberry plants

That is of course if you have planted them in the first place and  if you haven’t now is a very good time to do so.  A line of raspberries is an excellent way to hide an unsightly object or view .Those odd corners of the garden could be planted up with soft fruit ,turning a uninteresting bit of ground into a productive area with a good return, for many years after planting.

So say no to imported fruit. We got are own, thank you.

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