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Slippery paths

January 30th, 2014


Alan wrapped up well when cleaning all the paths at Avery's Garden Centre

Alan wrapped up well when cleaning all the paths at Avery’s Garden Centre

After one of the wettest winters on record  garden paths are now covered in dirt and alga growth which have been encouraged by  all this wet. This can leave the paths in a dangerous and slippery condition, which can only get worst if not dealt with, bringing with it the risk of broken bones or more in a fall, caused by slipping.

One of the most satisfying jobs at this time of year, is to use a power washer on the paths to physically blast the muck off the path and at the same time restoring the path back to its original colour. This works best on path constructed from concrete, paving slabs or bricks.

Care must be taken not blast out the pointing between the slabs which will have to be replace in the spring if this happens.

Pressure Washers can be hired from Plant hire shops for a day or weekend at a reasonable cost but could be of inestimable value if an injury is prevented.

If a power washer is not available then water on a product called Patio Magic ,which will kill the alga and can then be hose and brushed off leaving the path safe and clean.



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