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Alan Avery explains how to – Take Semi-Hardwood cuttings

September 19th, 2013

Taking cuttings

This time of year (September) is a brilliant time to increase your stock of garden shrubs or bring  on replacements for those plants that no longer look their best or are coming to the end of their life.

Look for healthy growth which is semi-ripe, not young and sappy and make a cut with the secateurs to make a cutting about  6 inches long. When you have enough cuttings take them to the potting bench and with a sharp knife, cut cleanly below a node (where the leaf joins the stem)

Also remove any leaves cleanly back to the stem leaving a nice 3 inch stem which is dipped into a hormone rooting powder i.e.Strike. (By the way, hormone rooting powders are only effective for a few weeks after opening, so if yours has been in the shed for a while, we would advise you to replace it.)

Fill a pot (one litre  for example) with a good open mixture of seed and cutting compost (Arthur  Bowers)  and push the cuttings into the compost so the leaves just touch, and water thoroughly in.

Place the pots ,in a light but not in a  sunny position and then cover with polythene. Its a good idea to turn the polythene sheet over every day to allow the condensation to run off and check the watering. When roots start showing through the bottom of pot, remove from under the sheet.

Remove any dead cuttings or leaves in the daily inspection to prevent disease spreading.

Good hygiene at all times is a must for good results.

If you would like to know more, then just pop into our Garden Centre which is just a few minutes drove from Taunton.

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