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Seed Potatoes

February 15th, 2016

Now is a good time to buy your seed potatoes as you have the choice of all the different varieties .Potatoes come in several main groups depending on how quickly they mature and there keeping qualities. They are normally grouped in First and second earlies, Salad potatoes and then Maincrop,which can be stored.

After buying your selected variety of potato, store in a light, frost free area in trays, to promote sprouting before planting. This is called Chitting and helps the potato get of to a good start when planted from the middle of April onwards.

In 1840 in Ireland the population stood at 8 million but due to the cultivation of one variety of potato, on which the whole population depended  which was susceptible to a disease, which wiped out the harvest for many years,there was mass immigration from Ireland, until the population plummet to

Seed potatoes for sale at Averys

Seed potatoes for sale at Averys

3millian. Which go’s to prove how important it is to have many different varieties of a plant to provided food security. Which is why banana plantations are having real problems ,but that’s another story.


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