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Rubbish in Christmas trees

February 8th, 2014

lood  water can be dangerous and  can sweep up any thing in it`s path, which can float or be suspended in its water. Plastic bottles, bags,  as can be seen from the photo. The water can  scour the farmers fields of the residues of last autumns crops. In this case Zea maize (Sweet Corn). Great rafts of it  are washed across the fields, blocking culverts and ditches.

The problem for us, is that all this rubbish builds up amongst  trees in our  Christmas tree plantation, which when it dry’s will all have to be removed from the trees as it could spoil the shape of the young trees.

In the garden, its important to make sure that the soil fertility is maintained ,and not washed away by all this wet. Digging in organic matter acts as a buffer against the goodness in the soil being leached  and lost in the water. It also allows the soil to drain more easier allowing us to work on the soil and the soil to warm up quicker, resulting

Jasper checking out the rubbish in Christmas trees.

Jasper checking out the rubbish in Christmas trees.

Using this means bigger and better plants.

Using this means bigger and better plants.

in earlier crops. We at Averys stock and recommend Betagrow Organic Farmyard Manure sold in 50lt bags.As it says on the bag ,A Natural Soil Improver.

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