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Raking leaves for the compost heap

October 24th, 2013

As the weather cools down and the days get shorter the trees start to shed there leaves ready for their winter sleep.The leaves rotting down are rich source of nutriants and the ultimate in recycling ,a bounty we need to make use of.

Burning leaves is no longer aceptable as a heap of leaves burning will smoulder on for days polluting the air or upsetting the neighbours.The best course of action is to rake them up and compost them.The local council  will take them away with there green waste and compost them ,or we compost them ourselves , making use of  the compost to improve our own gardens.

When placed on the compost heap,try and alternate layers of leaves with a layer of green waste ,such as weeds,or old plants from the vegtable garden.If the heap is dry water and if possible turn the heap a couple of times in the year.

Candy raking leaves

Candy raking leaves

To help the plants rot down quicker,we at Averys Garden Centre,sell Garrotta Compost Maker,which when sprinkled on the compost heap,speeds up the natural composting process,leaveing a rich friable compost for use in the garden.


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