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August 14th, 2014



One of my favourite fruits are plums ,especially the variety called Victoria ,which has to be the most popular plum planted in gardens. It is easy to grow, self fertile (only need one in the garden), plus a good cropper. Its only  question mark apparently, is it resistance to diseases. Growing here at Avery’s Garden Centre we have had no problems with this.

The Victoria plum goes back a long way, being introduced in 1840 and named after Queen Victoria. Foreword in time ,One hundred and fifty three years later, and the RHS, decided gave it an Award of Merit. Seems to me they took a long time to make up there mind on the matter.

After harvesting the plums (middle of August onwards) it is a good idea to do any pruning required then, rather than the winter months, as the cuts gum up preventing spores of the fungus disease,called Silver leaf from entering the fresh cuts ,which would affect next seasons growth.

You can`t beat a nice juicy plum

You can`t beat a nice juicy plum

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