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March 27th, 2014

When feeding birds,its a good idea to make sure that there is always food in the feeders,so that the birds will visit your garden first and hopefully stay there.If the bird feeders remain empty for long periods,they will not be so keen to visit, but forage else where.The varieties of birds you can expect will be also be less.

When buying a bird feeder,I personally would go for a larger size if possible,which would help overcome this problems of birds arriving at empty feeders.

The pheasants are new visitors to our feeding area , at Avery’s Garden Centre. Every day they arrive ,to  feed  on the corn thrown out of the feeders by the untidy tits looking for sunflower seeds.

Hurry up you tits lets have the corn

Hurry up you tits lets have the corn


We can see you

We can see you


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