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Ornamental cherries

April 3rd, 2014

Cherry blossom, blue sky, what could be better.

Cherry blossom, blue sky, what could be better.

Cherries 003

What surer sign of spring is there than ornamental cherries clothed in blossom. I feel really excited seeing the cherry blossom emerging in the spring, coupled with  a sense of sadness a month later when the blossom drifts to the ground ,like confetti at a wedding as the leaves emerge.

The cherries are easy to grow and come in all shapes,sizes and  colours. There’s a cherry for any size of garden, and as an added bonus  many of them give a  good display of autumn colour, before settling down for the winter, (there are even winter flowering ones )ready to dazzle us once again, with their blossom a few months later.

Every year we get asked what  are those upright, pink cherries (as per picture)growing in front the Garden Centre. These are a variety called Hillier Spire, off which we have some in stock.

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