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Onion Sets

March 22nd, 2016

Bulbs of Gold

Bulbs of Gold

Easter is nearly upon us and if the weather is reasonable (a bit doubtful at the moment) this is a good time to work on the veggie garden as things warm up and the soil is drying out and becoming easy to work.


One of the easiest of crops to  grow is onions  from Onion Sets. A packet of 50 onion sets for the princely sum of £1.99 has got to be good news. Chose an area of ground which has been worked over with a fork or dug  and then rake and firm the soil. The onion sets are then spaced 6″ apart in the row by pushing then gently into the soil .Check them after a few days that the birds and the worms have not pulled them out and apart from keeping the weeds down and perhaps adding a general fertilizer , come the summer when they are lifted and harvested you could have nearly a years supply of onions and all for £1.99.

A years supply of onions in a bag

A years supply of onions in a bag

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