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National Birdbox Week

February 12th, 2014

The week running from the 14th Feb (Valentines Day) has been named National nest box week by the British Trust for Ornithology (and they have to be important if the are an Ology) This is to encourage us to put up a nest a box in our gardens ,to help and  encourage  the birds to nest and rear young. Finding a safe nest site can be very difficult  for the birds ,due to habitat loss i.e removing dead trees in which Blue tits can nest in holes. At this time of year birds are pairing up looking for homes within a territory they can defend, which could be your garden .It is fascinating watching  the adult birds feeding  their young and the amount of small caterpillars and insect life which go to feed the nestlings in a day is incredible. Hundreds and hundreds. All manor of things that would otherwise  be eating your plants, if not removed by the birds to feed their young. So don`t spray for aphids, get a bird box.

Jasper inspecting a selection of bird box`s

Jasper inspecting a selection of bird box`s

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