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Maidenhair Tree

October 23rd, 2014

One of the very best trees for autumn colour with  bright buttercup yellow leaves is the Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo biloba). G.biloba is the sole survivor of a family  of trees, that occupied the earth some 160 million years ago. Fossils of the leaves can be found in coal seams  in this country, proving it once grow here.

It is considered a sacred tree that is planted in the vicinity of Buddhist temples. It was though to be extinct in the wild until discovered in China. Another unusual thing about this tree is that it is classed botanically as a conifer, even though it has leaves and not needles as is usual on a conifer trees.

Some people maintain that  eating  a leaf of the Maidenhair tree every day during the summer,  helps ward of memory loss .Some one who works at Averys started to  gather a leaf from our Maidenhair tree to chew every day for this purpose but they no longer do so  as they kept forgetting to go and get the leaf.

The Maidenhair tree grows in all sorts of conditions (except waterlogged) and makes an excellent specimen tree. At Avery’s Garden Centre we have them for sale for only £19.99 @3.5 feet. For that you get a tree whose ancestors were browsed on by the dinosaurs

Food for dinosaurs

Food for dinosaurs


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