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September 4th, 2014

This year the apple trees have been groaning under the weight of the apples, festoon along their branches after a wonderful display of pink blossom in the spring. Using modern parlance ,a double whammy, pink  blossom and wonderful  fruit.  There is nothing better than picking a nice  juicy apple from your own tree, by passing Mr Tesco and knowing they are chemical free.

If you are considering planting an apple tree, Autumn is the best time of the year to plant trees as they will established quickly as the ground is still warm and moist, and will suffer less stress, than if planted in the Spring.

At Averys Garden Centre we have a very good range of apple trees ,which if planted this autumn will most probably fruit next year. How about planting one to commemorate a special  occasion or give one as a long lasting present??? We also give a free tree tie with every tree to encourage people to stake the tree when planting it so as to prevent the wind rocking the tree in the ground.

Look good, taste good and by golly do you good.

Look good, taste good and by golly do you good.

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