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August 24th, 2014

This week we have a whole  new selection  of conifers for sale at Averys Garden Centre and one of the most notable things on putting them out is the amazing range of colours shown in the foliage, ranging from deep green to bright yellow. Some have a columnar habit, whilst other s ,such as the junipers  want to hug the ground making them good for weed suppressers.

There is a variety of conifer for every position ,be it for a fast growing, fed up with the neighbours screen, to slow growing ones ,ideal for a container or small garden. As for soil ,as long as the soil is free draining in sun or part shade conifers on the whole are not to fussy .

They are an amazing genus of plants. The biggest trees in the world are the giant redwoods of America and the oldest trees in the world at 5000  years plus ,are

A good range of colours

A good range of colours

the Bristlecone pines, both of which are conifers.

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