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Compost Heap

January 24th, 2015

At this time of year the a well rotted compost heap is a real asset to the garden.It has many uses,from incorporating into the soil of  the veg garden  or  when planting trees and shrubs. For improving the soil and helping plants grow,it is far better than any thing that can be got from a bag.

At Averys Garden Centre we have two compost heaps.In one we fill through out the year while the other is rotting down to be used in the winter.When the compost is used up,we start to refill  it again with green matter,while the other one is rotting down until that too is then ready for use the following winter.

Jasper said "There should be no nasty niffs,with a well rotted compost heap".

Jasper said “There should be no nasty niffs,with a well rotted compost heap”.

When making a compost ,remember it`s what it is,a Compost Heap,not a rubbish heap.No plastic,woody material, mountains of leaves,or grass mowing. Build the heap up by layering the material to be composted into  six inch layers. To help  assist in the break down of the heap, a product called  Garrotta can be added which help feed the bacteria which will help break down the green matter into compost. If needed spread the heap flat on the top and tread it down to firm it up and water if dry.If you do these things the heap, will as shown by Jasper have the look and feel of peat,but much

A magic formula for the compost heap

A magic formula for the compost heap


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