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January 29th, 2015

One of the most satisfying jobs that can be done at this time of year is the planting of soft fruit bushes. The phrase, Soft Fruit, mean those fruits generally grown in the garden such as raspberries, black currents and gooseberries, to name just a few. Once planted, the fruit bushes will quickly get established and can over many years provide yummy, summer fruits, year after year. That is real Self sufficiency

All it they need  is a spot of cream on them.

All it they need is a spot of cream on them.

A line of summer  raspberries, which can grow to at lest 6 feet can also have the dual purpose of screening an unsightly area of the garden as well as providing  feast of delicious raspberries throughout the summer. Perhaps a nice refreshing Gooseberry fool desert would also go down well, as you sit in the garden, made with goosegogs picked straight from you own bushes.



Raspberry canes waiting to be planted .

Raspberry canes waiting to be planted .


Another plant which can be used in the kitchen for most of the summer is rhubarb. It is a really easy plant to grow but can provided masses of juicy red stems for that rhubarb crumble. Interestingly rhubarb is classified not as a soft fruit but a vegetable.

At Avery s Garden Centre we have an excellent range of different soft fruits to choose from, as well as apples, plums and pear trees.

For £7.50 you can get five raspberry canes and years of fruit. Martin Lewis would be so proud of your financial savvy, that he would award you a gold star.



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